This Book is a complete manual for ministerial training, but so simplified that even the youngest among believers can read it and understand.

Product Information

Title: Ecclesiology

Author: Z. A. Ogunsanya

Format: Paperback

Page: 389

Size (Height by width): A4 – 297x210mm

Publication Date: First edition 2005, second edition 2011

Language: English

ISBN: 978-978-49867-0-0

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1. It is a Bible book.
It uses over 20 translations of the Holy Bible
It has quotations from 61 out of the 66 books of the Bible.
It uses 2 topical Bible, 3 reference Bibles, 1 Bible handbook. 4 Bible Commentaries, etc

2. The Book is a Serious Research Work:
It uses 5 Secular dictionaries and 2 secular Encyclopedias
It has information from over 20 internet sites BBC. CNN, etc.
It has over 50 quotations from different newspapers and other mass media publications both local and international etc.

3. The Book is Full of Information About Churches
It talks about over 30 churches both genuine and fake.
It has a lot of information about the visible churches of Satan.
It give the histories and many other well

4. The He Book is a Ministerial Tool:
It is a tool for general overseers to use in training their minister (see page 270).
It will assist the pastors not only in training their workers but also in teaching their members (see page 315).
It will make Bible Schools produce dynamic ministers (see page 304).
Its an indispensable guide to ministerial activities (see page 304, 237,247)

This book will make believers better Christian, and make church workers more cooperative with their church leaders, make church leaders more effective in their ministerial works, and expose the evils of the fake


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