The Future Events

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Title: Eschatology

Author: Z. A. Ogunsanya

Format: Paperback

Page: 568

Size (Height by width): A4 – 297x210mm

Publication Date: 2008

Language: English

ISBN: 978-978-48402-1-7

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This book is an in depth study of the word of God written for the use of serious church leaders, Bible schools lecturers, and other lovers of the word of God. It is a theological book written for the use of both theologians & non-theologians

1. The Book is a Real Eschatology Manual

All the major future events related topics are covered:

The Rapture of the Saints

The Revelation of Jesus

The Second Coming of Jesus

Death, Burial, and the Intermediate State

The Resurrections

The Judgements of God

The Judgement of Believer’s Works

The Marriage and the Marriage Feast of The Lamb

The Judgement of the Living Nations

The Great Tribulation

The War of Armageddon

The Reign of The Antichrist

The Works of the False Prophet

The Mark of the Antichrist – 666

The Past, Present, Future and the Restoration of Israel

The Millennium Kingdom

The War of God and Magog

The Great White Throne Judgement

The Removal of the Present Heaven and the Present Earth

Hell Fire: Sheol/Hades, Tartarus and Gehenna

The Kingdom of Heaven and the Kingdom of God

The New Heaven an the New Earth

The New Jerusalem

Eternity etc.

2. Last Days Occurrences

The book draws attention to many of the last days occurrences:

Wars, Terrorism, Rapes, Kidnaping, Duping, Robberies, Murders, Earthquakes, Calamities, Assassinations ,Suicides and Suicide Bombing, Homosexually and Lesbianism etc.

3. Schools of Thought and ISMS

Most of the related schools of thought and Isms are discussed:

Premillennialism, Postmillennialism, Amillennialism, Pretribulationism, Posttribulationism, Midtribulationism, Zoroastrianism, Protestantism, Skihism, Judaism, Islamism, Hinduism, Buddhism, Adventism, Catholicism ETC.

4. The Book is a Bible Book

There are quotations from each of the 56 books of the Bible

3 Reference Bibles and 1 Bible Handbook are Used.

There are comments from 11 Bible commentaries.

Over 20 translations of the Holy Bible are used.

13 Bible Dictionaries are Consulted.

It uses 2 Bible Encyclopedias.

It uses 2 Topical Textbooks.

5. The Book is a Bible Book

Apart from all the aforementioned, the following are some other resources used by the Author

7 Internet sites

5 Secular Dictionaries.

4 Quotations from CNN.

3 Secular Encyclopaedia.

4 Other Books by the same Author.

28 Quotations from 5 Newspapers.

6. The Book is a Well Arranged Easy to Read Textbook

The book has 55 chapters divided into 15 parts and each chapter is having divisions, subdivisions and sub-subdivisions.

Many words, phrases, clauses and even sentences and bolded, Italicized, and/or underlined to draw attention to their significance

The main body, the Scriptural passages and the quotations from other sources are differentiated with different font types for easy identification.

7. The Book is a Pulpit Companion

A Pastor will like to consult or teach directly from a book like this, whenever he wants to preach or teach about any future events related topic.


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