Study about Miracles, Signs and wonders of the Bible

Product Information

Title: Before The Night Of Your Children Comes

Author: Z. A. Ogunsanya

Format: Paperback

Page: 856

Size (Height by width): A4 – 297x210mm

Publication Date: 2012

Language: English

ISBN: 978-978-49867-6-2

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1. The Book is a Store House of Resources:
Bible knowledge
Miracle information
Divine revelations
Spiritual food
Faith lifting messages
Testimonies of miracles
Preaching materials
Teaching materials
Training materials
Miracle tools

2. The Book is a Bible Book:
There are quotations from each of the 6 books of the Bible
The book also uses
Over 20 translations of the Holy Bible
2 Tropical textbooks
3 Reference Bibles and 1 handbook
ll Bible commentaries
13 Bible dictionaries
2 Bible encyclopedias.

3. The Book is a Serious research Work:
Apart from all the aforementioned, the following are some other resources used:
5 Secular dictionaries
3 Secular encyclopedias
7 Internet sites
4 Quotations from CNN
20 Quotations from 5 newspapers
4 Other books by the same author
4 Other Christian authors.

4. The Book is a Well Arranged, Easy to Read Textbook:
This is clear from the following facts: –
The book has 73 chapters divided into 18 parts and each chapter is having divisions, sub-divisions and sub-sub-divisions.
Many words, phrases, clauses and even sentences are bolded, italicized, and/or underlined to draw attention to their significance.
The main body, the Scriptural passages and the quotations from other sources are differentiated with different font types for easy identification
There are author’s comments after most of the quotations from other sources, to help the readers get the best out of them

5. The Book is a Pulpit Companion:
The book is useful both in the church and in the Bible school:
A pastor will always want to consult a good book like this, whenever he wants to preach or teach about miracles of the Holy Bible.
Each of he topics of the book is prepared and arranged in a way that not only Bible school teachers, but pastors can also teach directly behind their pulpits from the book.
Both the teachers and the students can be reading directly from the book while teaching is going on.
Each topic is supplied with a related sang, and by this, the book has over 70 hymns.
There are over 20 relevant pictures scattered in some of the page 82, 83, 87, 92, 95, 98, 105, 114, 116, 143, 163, 244, 465, 469, 493, 793, 817, & 822.


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